Director of Sales and Marketing at VideoSys Broadcast, Andrew Pons, talks to Behind the Lens about the Epsilon which was launched at the IBC Show in Amsterdam.
Epsilon includes a fully integrated 4K decoder and receiver and is an ideal solution for simplifying HD and 4K live sports and music events.

Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to speak to Behind The Lens.
Can you tell me more about VideoSys Broadcast and when it was established?
Videosys was founded in 2008, it’s first product was a Camera Control System and the first customer was AMP Visual in France.
Since then Videosys has developed bespoke RF system for rental and production companies, and reliable Fibre system and integrated receives system consisting of Receiver Decoder camera control and Fibre all in one.
At Videosys we develop systems to help customers manage complex live events, be it at stadiums, concert arenas, motor racing or air shows. This enables our customers to offer their viewers a top-quality service by providing them with technology and services that meets their challenges. From off-the-shelf products to bespoke design, we have the in hose expertise to offer the right solution.

At this year’s IBC show the company launched the Epsilon, a multi-function broadcast RF camera control system. Can you tell me more about the system and what makes it unique compared to others on the market?
Epsilon is an Integrated System comprising of Camera Control, Receiver Decoder 4K or HD, and Optional Fibre Modules – It allows outside broadcasters wishing to manage one wireless camera in two locations eg inside our side stadium to set up a system in a quick and easy way. Epsilon allows the Head Units to be connected via a single SMPTE providing reduced set up costs for broadcasters.

The firm also launched Stagebox at IBC. Am I correct in saying that it enables all audio and video components to be multiplexed onto a single SMPTE fibre cable. This is such an advantage for operators in terms of time and cost?
The main saving is in set up costs and management of systems removing the need to have multiple cables and expensive engineers to set up the service in the first place. It might be used for the lighting directors’ position and small remote studio as well.

How important are attending trade shows to VideoSys?
Videosys is a small company and so attending the right show with the right presence and clear branding is require, they help increase brand awareness and at the same time allow us to see how the broadcast market is evolving. We are also able to meet with prospects whom we otherwise would not see from new markets.

The company has partnered with many leading technology companies. How do you maintain such close and successful relationships with them?
Our products are manufacturer neutral which allows us to work closely with all the key camera manufacturers, it is to the manufactures benefit to work closely with us as our camera control system enhances their product, also because of the size of Videosys we can react more quickly to manufacturers changes and support them.