Expert’ease Selects Grass Valley Cameras

Grass Valley’s cameras have been selected by Expert’ease, to enhance its live production offering.

Grass Valley’s solutions were chosen for their proven reliability and agility and will enable the Montreal-based audiovisual and multimedia company to take its production capability to the next level. Installation and commissioning of the new systems were carried out in collaboration with Grass Valley’s regional partner, CEV, a leader in multimedia technologies.

Expert’ease has built a solid reputation for its vast experience and technical know-how in video, sound and lighting,catering to major IMAG events such as conventions, product launches, press conferences, national sales meetings, galas and more. Grass Valley’s LDX 86 WorldCam cameras will allow the Expert’ease team to deal with even the most difficult scenes, giving greater flexibility to meet diverse client needs. This is in addition to the existing Grass Valley solutions that Expert’ease uses currently, including a two M/E GV Korona K-Frame V-series production switcher specifically designed for low and mid-range broadcast and media applications, and Grass Valley’s Fiber Optic Conversion & Transport solution to carry signals over longer distances over lightweight fiber without degradation. Thanks to this combination of existing and newly deployed solutions, Expert’ease will benefit from a future-ready live production offering that can meet the needs of even the largest project.

Martin Blanchard, president, Expert’ease commented: “Our clients want to captivate their audiences, telling stirring stories with stunning images. This poses a great opportunity for a company like ours, which has the knowledge – and now the technical capability – needed to meet these demands. We recognize that Grass Valley is a leader in the live production environment with easily deployable solutions and products that are reliable, scalable and have a clear roadmap for the future. With its impressive track record and proven expertise, we are extremely excited to be working with Grass Valley.”

Justin Meunier, vice president, sales, CEV, added: “CEV’s team of specialists prides itself on selecting equipment and solutions that are best suited for clients’ specific needs while ensuring cost efficiency. Our personalized approach allows great flexibility both in the choice of equipment and the integration. We are pleased to work with both Grass Valley and Expert’ease on this exciting portfolio update.”


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