STC is continuing to expand its Clip Filter series and has revealed a new range of filters for the Fujifilm X Series.
Extending the series of market-leading Clip Filters to the Fujifilm X Series, STC now offers a unique and complete range of innovative, high-quality filters for Fujifilm photographers and videographers to broaden their creativity and capture stunning images.

The new APS-C Clip Filter Family for Fujifilm X Series Includes:
• Sensor Protector Filter
• Neutral Density (ND) Filter: ND16 (4-stops) – ND64 (6-stops) – ND400 (9-stops) – ND1000 (10-stops)
• Ifrared (IR) Filter: 590nm – 720nm – 850nm
• UV-IR Cut Filter: 650nm
• Astro Filter: Multispectra – Duo-Narrowband – Nightscape
STC Clip Filters for Fujifilm GFX – Coming Soon
STC Clip Filters for Fujifilm’s GFX Series are currently in production at the company’s factory and headquarters in Taiwan and will ship from September 2019. These will be compatible with the Fujifilm GFX50S, GFX50R and GFX100.

The new range of Fujifilm APS-C Clip Filters from STC are completely safe and extremely simple to use and have been meticulously designed by the in-house R&D team to fix into the camera mount. This gives users the option to shoot with the lens of their choice, which, of course, offers significant cost savings, completely eliminating the need to purchase multiple filters in differing sizes to fit various lenses.

Opening up a world of greater shooting opportunities, the new Fujifilm Clip Filters from STC can be combined with STC’s traditional circular filters to give creatives a broader palette of artistic and practical possibilities.
Built for Professionals

All STC Clip Filters are manufactured in high-quality SCHOTT® B270 Optical Glass and A2 stainless steel, which is virtually non-magnetic, and finished with double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating to guarantee excellent water and grease-proofing performance.

Since their first arrival, STC’s Clip Filters have been causing a stir within the global image-making community. The brand’s superior coatings and optical qualities are second to none. Couple this with the cost-saving that comes with the product’s ‘One Filter – Any Lens’ message and the result is hard to resist