VMI Canon has announced it is to host a ‘Come and Play’ day where visitors can get their hands on both the Canon C500 FF cameras as well as the latest Canon Sumire FF primes, which is Canon’s latest lens set built with an emphasis on lens character, as well as full 4K quality.

The event is taking place at VMI London, Victoria Industrial Estate, Victoria Road, at 10am on Thursday 07 November.
Experts from Canon will be on hand to help answer any technical questions visitors may have.

A spokesperson from VMI Canon said: “Our Canon C700 FF full-frame camera has been used on several noteable productions of late and the C500II continues with the zeitgeist of shooting in full-frame, albeit at a more affordable price point. 
“Our opinion is that the uncompromising 12 bit 4K on board RAW capture of the new Canon C500II together with the outstanding viewfinder (which will be part of VMI’s equipment package) and module build design, means that we expect interest to be considerable.
“At the event, we will also be demonstrating the latest Canon Sumire film lenses, which VMI already stock.”

Canon have produced these lenses in tribute to their immensely popular K35 series of lenses which have a legendary look that lens makers have been aspiring to recreate. 

The Canon Sumire lenses however are a real departure for Canon, since for the first time, they are manufacturing lenses which do not seek to maximise their performance. Instead, they have decided to concentrate on ‘character’ and this means that lens aberations have been deliberate created in their design in order to produce a more pleasing look.

Pre-booking for this event is recommended.