Behind The Lens speaks to Cine Specialist & Regional Sales Manger at SIGMA Sam Smith. He talks about the company’s new Cine Classic Art Prime lenses and in 2020 the firm will be releasing its new full frame Foveon sensor camera.

Hi Sam and thanks for taking the time to speak to Behind the Lens.
Hi Colleen, no problem at all, thank you for having me. Always happy to chat with Behind the Lens.

Let’s start off with Sigma’s Classic Art Prime line of lenses. What features do these lenses have compared to others on the market?
Fantastic, so our new Cine Classic Art Prime lenses are based on the same optical design as our current Cine Art Prime lenses. The Cine Art Prime lenses have been proven to be very popular in the industry, covering a variety of independent productions all the way up to large features, such as the latest Top Gun – Maverick.
Although the same optical design the lens differs in the redesigned lens coatings. We’ve carefully selected certain lens elements and created a new optical coating – these newly designed coatings give a warmer tone and increased flaring.

Am I correct in saying these lenses are only available in a set of 10, however the Cine I/Tech lenses are being offered individually.
That’s correct, we are selling the Classic Art Primes only in a set of 10 which include 14, 20, 24, 28, 35, 40, 50, 85, 105 & 135mm.
Our Cine Art Primes can be purchased individually or bundled together in Flexible Prime Kits.

Can these lenses be used on Super25mm and APS-C cameras as well?
Indeed, all of our Classic Cine Primes have an image circle of 43.3mm and can be used on a variety of formats up to Large Format / Full Frame sensor cameras.

The PL mount also incorporates Cooke’s /i data technology. Can you tell me the advantages of this?
We’ve recently added the Cooke’s /i data to our Classic and Cine Art Primes. The major advantages of this comes into play in the post production, you’re able to see your focusing distance, focal length and T stop value. Any visual effect or lens reference in the edit will be easier with this data.

The company display its new range at the IBC Show last year. How important are attending trade shows to the firm?
Trade shows are very important for us to showcase new products to end users and gather feedback and current demand. We continue to support a number of large trade shows across the world.

I am sure Sigma has lots of plans for 2020, as the company continues to stay at the top of its game. Can you tell me what the company has planned for this year?
2020 will be a very exciting year for Sigma, in addition to the launch of our new Classic Art Primes we’re also releasing our new full frame Foveon sensor camera to come along side our current fp camera.

Thank you for your time.