steadyGum, which was developed to prevent occupational injuries for camera professionals, has been described by some experts in the audiovisual industry as one of the most “innovative breakthroughs” that many camera operators simply cannot live without.

In the last issue of Behind the Lens we spoke to the creator of SteadyGum, Pablo Manuel Carrasco, who decided to develop the product after suffering from pain due to the weight of heavy cameras.
After a lot of research, the innovative steadyGum officially launched in 2017 and it is becoming more and more popular throughout the industry.
steadyGum not only gives professionals benefits such as excellent camera stability and operability, it is easy to use, lightweight, and reduces physical exertion for users by 80%.

The firms clients include major broadcasters such as the BBC, FOX, CBC, TV France and it is also used by many freelancers. In 2019 ITN UK, TV Galicia, Dorna WSBK in Spain and RBB in Germany bought several of the companies products and they are currently waiting for orders from Aljazeera, Qatar TV and ABC .

Following the success of steadyGum the company recently launched a brand new product which is aimed at light weight cameras, less than 5 kilograms or can be held in front, at the IBC Show in Amsterdam last year.
The new steadyGum ENG-L has recently been purchased by ITN and many TV networks such as ABC, Channel 5 in Australia, Aljazeera and Qatar TV have expressed an interest in acquiring the product which is less expensive than the steadyGum.

The steadyGum has been hailed as a “game changer” in the industry as it absorbs most of the rigs weight and many professionals have become totally dependent on the unique product.
Below is some of the positive feedback received from some of the most skilled professionals in the audiovisual industry.

Camera Operator Lance Lowrie said: “I bought the SteadyGum product at the beginning of the season 33 of The Real World show and it has been wonderful. When I get home at the end of the day I no longer needed to ice my back and shoulder. My shooting has also improved greatly because I no longer have to deal with the pain of being shouldered up for a long run without a break.”

Camera Operator Sean M Byrd tweeted: “Shot some of @chargers NFL football practice with our new Sports toy the @SteadyGum camera strap. I must say it works #awesome. Alleviates the weight, good balance and makes the camera more an addition to your body.”
Freelance News camera operator Guy Thompson said it was the best piece of kit he has invested in. “steadyGum is an innovative breakthrough for the cameraman/woman that reduces their physical exertion on the skeletal joints by 80%, Steadygum is an intuitive, light and easy to use. I’ve filmed in many difficult filming situations using it and it’s been a game changer absorbing most of the rigs weight.”

Camera operator Christopher Loren also highly recommended the kit. “Carrying a 25lb camera on my shoulder for may years has left me (and many ops) with chronic shoulder issues. I´m plugged by right shoulder impingement which has had me in physical therapy for months. At the end of a long day it leaves my right arm useless. This support rig was designed by a Spanish camera operator and used a monopod and a heavy duty elastic bands to support the camera and distribute the weight to your left shoulder. I’m only a few hours in with it but it’s already night and day to traditional shoulder mounted operating.”

DoP Toby Birney acquired the steadyGum over a year ago and he said it is one of the most “essential pieces of gear” that he currently owns. “Even my chiropractor is amazed at my posture and general well-being compared to where I’ve been for the best part of the last decade or more. Those nagging chronic pains that were always just an unfortunate side effect of doing handheld work for hours on end, day after day, have been all but eliminated. The SteadyGum perfectly and evenly distributes the weight of my 27lb camera rig, and it is substantially more comfortable than any other support rig that I have ever tried in my career. I cannot recommend this piece of gear highly enough to any and all camera operators out there.”

This year the company is set to unveil a new version of the steadyGum ENG-L with VCT14 baseplate anchoring system and it will also be introducing steadyGum in the Middle East and Asia.
The firm will also be displaying their products at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. Why not drop by and see the steadyGum team who would be delighted to tell you more about their unique products. (Stand number ???)