Capturing the Moment

Behind the Lens speaks exclusively to Cinematographer Yana Rits. She has worked on feature films and over 100 short films, commercials and music videos throughout her career.She is currently in preproduction for a a feature film called ‘Black Dollar’. Can you tell me how you became interested in photography?It started taking pictures when my parents…

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Always Focus on the Lens

Behind the Lens speaks to Van Diemen about the risks of removing lens coatings and the benefits of choosing T stops or F stops. Van Diemen designs and manufactures Motion Picture Lenses using its patented Wireform™ lens drive technology, offering variable-pitch close focus movements. Its well-equipped Service Centre and highly skilled engineers offer optical support…

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Reflection Of Light

Behind The Lens speaks to Klaus Hamlescher from Sumolight.Sumolight is a German based company founded in 2011 by gaffers and photographers. Their experience on set is the DNA of all SUMOLIGHT products. The first bicolor light was the compact SUMO100 with its interchangeable lenses and the efficient lightweight completely passive cooling. The innovative and versatile…

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Steve Lord Launches The VoxBox Pro

Behind the Lens speaks to Freelance lighting cameraman at Primelight Films Steve Lord who has over 20 years experience working in the industry.He recently introduced the VoxBox Pro to the market which is a two-way mirror box which positions in front of the camera lens and it allows film makers to shoot down-the-lens interviews while…

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SteadyGum – Should Support For Professional Camera Operators

Behind the Lens speaks exclusively to Cameraman Pablo Manuel Carrasco Brioso who is the creator of SteadyGum. steadyGum is an innovative breakthrough for the cameramen that reduces their physical exertion by 80 % SteadyGum was developed to prevent occupational injuries. It is a light and easy to use product aimed at professionals and amateur customers from…

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Filming In The Wild

Behind the Lens speaks to documentary cameraman Simon Vacher who is a professional member of BECTU, The Guild of Television Camera Professionals, Wildlife Film and the International Association of Wildlife Filmmakers.He continues to capture unique images from the hottest, coldest and remotest places on the planet as well as filming advertising content for large brands…

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Sea Fever Productions Dives Into The ‘Deep Atlantic’

Behind the Lens speaks exclusively to Ken O’Sullivan who is a Filmmaker at Sea Fever Productions.He reveals that his preferred camera of choice is the RED Digital Cinema platform with water housings from Gates. The company is currently producing a two-part documentary for RTÉ on the geological, human and natural history of the Burren. Can…

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Award Winning DoP Sarah Smither Continues To Draw the Viewer In

Behind The Lens speaks to Director of Photography Sarah Smither who has over 20 years experience in the camera department on broadcast, online and independent film across all kinds of genres.Hi Sarah, you have had a very colourful career and have over 20 years experience on broadcast and independent film projects. Can you tell me…

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Lights, Camera, Action

Behind the Lens speaks to Maurice Fleisher who is an experienced proprietor with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Hi Maurice. Thanks so much for taking the time to speak to Behind the Lens. You have a wealth of experience working in the industry can you tell me when you acme…

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Meet the Colourist – Kyle Stroebel

Kyle Stroebel, colourist at Refinery in Cape Town, talks to FilmLight about how he used colour in his latest movie Flatland and how the barren landscape featured in this film provided his inspiration. Kyle, who has a wealth of experience in grading a range of international projects from feature films to commercials, also shares what…

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